Overview of Ducky Inflatable Catamarns

Ducky catamarans are categorised into three main groups: Weekend, Sport and Travel. Each group reflects individual design decisions in order to best suit the operating conditions. This brief overview will help you to understand the differences and purpose of each model.

The name speaks for itself. It is about universal beach catamarans, which are not burdensome to take with you for and sail for the weekend. Designs of this group of catamarans minimise the time spent on assembly-disassembly thus maximising the time in the water. The catamarans are not overloaded with sails, and control is possible for people with just a basic level of training and even for beginners. It is easier to start learning with these models. The capacity of this group of catamarans allows team participation. Small weight and dimensions when disassembled provides minimum inconvenience during transportation. This group includes models Ducky 13, Ducky 15 and Ducky 16.

This group implies high speed, drive and extreme. Large power capacity, increased rigidity of construction are the main distinctions of this group catamarans. These parameters provide high running characteristics and unsurpassed drive. The sporting nature of these catamarans requires good crew training, and gives an unforgettable experience. These catamarans are a real gift for sports fans. This group firstly includes purebred representatives – the Ducky 14S and Ducky 18S models, as well as the racing versions of models – the Ducky 17R and Ducky 19R.

Models of this group allow you to make multi-day autonomous trips. All catamarans are reliable, seaworthy, able to carry a heavy load, can forgive operational handling mistakes and do not require sports skills. They can be used for family vacation, and lovers of multi-day travel will be able to fully unleash the potential of these models and appreciate them. A wide selection of additional options allows you to create comfort while traveling. The main representatives of this group are the Ducky 17 and Ducky 19 models.

Ducky Inflatable Catamarans


For leisure, sport and travel.  No matter what your priority is: family vacations, fun, sports, education or an extreme expedition, you will find that Ducky catamarans are a quality affordable solution.

Our diverse product range is designed to best meet your needs.  The range is light weight, quick to assemble, highly mobile, easy to learn and critically - easy to store.


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